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Stlyestalker first caught my eye when fellow Australian blogger/model Zanita posted images of herself wearing the brand on her blog. I was instantly in love, and how could I not be? Here was a brand that was so on trend AND affordable AND available at a click of a button. Still quite a new label, turning two this August, Stylestalker is definitely set for an exciting future.

I got in touch with the ladies behind Stylestalker, Sue-Ann and Rachel Zeilic, who gave me some insight into how they got started and key advice for those wanting to get into the industry.

What are each of your Job title/ descriptions
As directors of a small business Rachel and I pretty much do everything from designing, marketing, blogging, invoices, photoshoots etc

How you got started/ prior work experience and education
Rachel and I met in university (UTS in Sydney) and have been best friends ever since. We studied advertising/public relations/law and got jobs at the same advertising agency. We both travel extensively and usually saved up all our money to blow it all on Topshop, Zara when we were in the Europe. So while we were working at the ad agency we came up with the idea for a fashion label which fuses designer and the 'high street' concept. This label was stylestalker and we set it up as a small online store and 2 years later we have 160 stockists in Australia, USA and Japan.

What online marketing initiatives does Style Stalker engage in?
We have our own blog to communicate with customers and we are about to launch an affiliate marketing program in partnership with our favorite fashion blogs

What do you think are the three main things brands need to do to get themselves ahead of the game?
Always know their target market, follow their gut instinct and research everything before jumping in head first

What was one of the biggest lessons you’ve learnt since starting Style Stalker in 2008?
Business is always the same, it doesn't matter if you're selling clothes or toothpicks. Get grounded by doing a business course so you have your foundations right.

Where do you see yourselves and Style Stalker in five years time?Global domination!

What advice would you give to others trying to get into the business?
Be fearless and committed. Don't do it unless you know that you really want to do it, cause it's something which you'll have to commit your life to!

Image: Vulture Dress from Stylestalker's Midnight collection

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